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UPDATED 4-17-11    

Hello! Currently, we're working with our design person and architect. Soon, we'll submit our plan to the health department and interior construction will begin! Signage will be put on the front windows once the weather warms up some. Erin will be welding the fence soon!

- Tammey :)

UPDATED 2-17-11

Thank you for checking in, sorry it's been awhile! SO much has taken place since October . . . I don't have any pictures to share at this point, but I have exciting news! Erin and I met with our attorney and we're in the process of officially becoming established as a business, set to open in 2011 - finally! Currently, we're finalizing equipment needs and menu. Once we have all of that, it'll get submitted to the health department and interior construction can begin! We are going with an amazing ice cream line out of Wisconsin . . . WE are craving it and know you'll love it! We've decided that we'll have 32 flavors available. The company makes over 100, so we'll rotate some of them - plan on delicious variety! :)

To keep focus on ice cream, we've decided to NOT offer soups/sandwiches to begin with. We can always add that later on if we choose to. Since space is such an issue, we'd rather keep the focus on ice cream. It's THAT good! We're planning to offer coffee, tea, smoothies, pop and more. We've added fudge, which we'll make on site. Decisions are still being made, so watch for updates! Once the weather warms up, the fence in back will be completed and more landscape done. We have a ways to go, but things are happening! - Tammey:)

UPDATED 10-24-10    

We think we've decided on a FANTASTICALLY AMAZING ice cream line -- now . . . we're excited!!! Erin and I are dedicated to making sure things move along more quickly from this point on - we want to open and share this ice cream with YOU!

- Tammey :)

Erin working on the fence jig
This 6 foot fence will be painted black
UPDATED 10-17-10    
Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates lately! The interior has basically been at a stand still due to the fact that we're still finalizing menu, tasting ice cream, soups, breads, etc. We've been meeting with food suppliers and discussing options. We want to make certain we're serving YOU the very best in taste and quality! We want to LOVE it before making something part of the menu! :)

Erin recently completed the jig necessary for welding the metal fence. For those who don't know what a jig is, it's a form that holds the metal while it's being welded. I'll try and take a picture of that soon.

Well, I just wanted to update you, even though no recent photos . . . things are happening! As for a projected opening date, as always, when it's done. We're aiming for next summer/fall, but we'll see how things progress. We'd rather opening take longer and the end result be worth the wait! ;)




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UPDATED 8-27-10    
  Hello! Things are happening! I've added many photos for you to catch up on what's taking place at Mom & Pop's! Thanks for checking in . . . we're finalizing menu plans as well as looking into more and more interior options. So, if it appears that not much is happening, I assure you, it is!!! As more things get done inside, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're SO excited to open and share Mom & Pop's with you! If you have a favorite soup, sandwich, or ice cream flavor, feel free to email us! Check back soon! - Tammey :)
Braeden, Sheldon & Sophie Gatchell
Framing has started - great job guys!

We're planning on seating in this area too

(counter type seating, looking out windows)

Sheet rocking around window frames has also begun! The guys that we have doing this work are awesome, super attention to detail and quality work! Thanks!!! :)
Trap door for basement access
Nice work Erin! :)
Steel is cut for Erin to weld the fence out back!
At front entrance
Steps will have side railings
UPDATED 8-8-10    

Hello! Mom & Pop's has been busy lately! Erin is currently working on the front entrance steps. There will be 3 steps with 2 side railings (to meet code). The rear entrance meets ADA requirements to welcome our wheelchair guests as well as those who may not be able to do steps.

Mom & Pop's recently had a routine inspection, all passed with flying colors! Erin tends to go overboard on accuracy and building it as solidly as possible - no corners cut here! :)

Erin said that a man stopped in on him one day. This man has been following our progress. To all who support our venture and are following our progress . . . thank you! We appreciate you very much!

Soon, some framing will be done inside.

We've been working with our interior design person on lighting options, tables, seating options, and stone selection for 2 interior walls. We're preparing to designate electrical placement as well.

The fence will be painted and welded in the near future.

We've been narrowing down menu, beverages, locating ice cream cases (to fit our space), various equipment selection, etc.!

Bottles (beer) and trash continue to be an issue for our location. Just a reminder to please be responsible for your trash and not to litter on our property, we care about the appearance and safety - broken glass isn't safe!

With that said, we've also met with a security camera rep and will be covered completely! :) Mom & Pop's will be equipped with an alarm system too.

Back near our trash enclosure, we've put up a NO PARKING sign. That space is for owner/employee parking ONLY. We had to warn one person already.


If anyone parks there, we WILL call to have whatever you put there towed at YOUR expense, no warnings. This is NOT event parking either, please don't even ask us.

The Riverfront Park events have been fantastic - 4th Fireworks too! What an amazing park and location! We've been to 2 events so far and each time we are so thankful for the park. Location is great and even though we waited for a train to pass, it was really no big deal. We couldn't help but comment on how we can't wait to welcome everyone from those events to Mom & Pop's! The shuttle service is effective and parking hasn't really been an issue. From what we have seen, people are enjoying Riverfront Park!


If you have any specific items in mind that you'd LOVE to see at Mom & Pop's (food/bev), feel free to pop us an email and let us know . . . we'd love to hear from YOU!!! :)

Also, if any questions/comments, we welcome those emails too! (link above)

Looking down front entrance steps

This is the view you'll have

when you come in and walk toward your left

There will be a wall to your right

(where supplies are sitting on the concrete ledge)

Erin just called me from Mom & Pop's! He says the steps are done and that the 5 1/2" rise is just perfect -

a very easy and comfortable step!

UPDATED 7-14-10    

Hi and thanks for checking in! Erin is finishing the floor and is ready to turn the rest over to the professionals! :) I met with our design person and things are moving along . . . we can't wait to open the doors, hopefully next summer! Any comments? Questions? Pop us an email, we'll gladly reply! :)

- Tammey

Restroom/back room space/service door
1st layer of floor is in! (Restroom area)
View toward rear entrance and outdoor seating area
Upper windows - a big TV is planned here
Looking toward upper windows
View toward rear entrance and restrooms
Looking toward counter area
View from main area looking at front entrance
Seating area
The 1st layer of flooring is down!
View from rear entrance
Location for restrooms and back storage room/service door
View from front entrance
UPDATED 6-29-10    

Hello! If you saw our web address in the Free Press, thanks for checking out our site - check back often, as I'll be posting photos more and more often once things get rolling again. We appreciate your support!

As you can see, Erin is finishing the floor! There's actually flat surface to walk on now, and I don't have to watch Erin balance from beam to beam, balancing above the basement below!

Speaking of the basement . . . our new heating/cooling system is in and we're ready to move on. With the recent storms, we're pleased to say that Mom & Pop's remained water free.

We're gearing up for the first Fireworks at Riverfront Park just down from Mom & Pop's - Happy 4th to all! Even though we're not open for this summer, progress is happening at Mom & Pop's! :)

Please excuse our weeds in the back -- we did have them treated, it takes time for them to wilt down. Erin has been focused on getting the floor done so that we can move forward. Soon, Erin can step back and let the work crews do their jobs. We know the weeds are unattractive, they'll be replaced with beautiful landscape and sitting spaces!

- Tammey :)

Erin is now laying the 1st layer of wood over joists
This will be the basement access area - utility use only
View toward the rear entrance, near restrooms
View toward front of building

Plastic and sheet rock were put behind the duct work -

You can see the spray insulation above

UPDATED 5-22-10    

Hello! These pictures were taken this morning! As you can see, the furnace and ductwork is being run. Erin has completed the floor joists and will soon be covering the floor. Today, he's putting up plastic and sheet rock behind the duct work. He'll begin framing next. Things are moving along nicely!

Also, to those who have expressed kind words and support, we can't thank you enough ~ you help us stay positive about this project and look forward to the grand opening! (Possibly as early as next summer!)

Thanks for checking in!

- Tammey:)

Duct work is being run

Erin is hanging plastic and sheet rock

behind where the duct work will hang

Up close view of what Erin is doing today
View of duct work that will be under the floor

Duct work comes up in the opening Erin left

when doing the floor

Braeden stopped in after Tae Kwon Do class :)
View down to the furnace below

Another area where Erin had to design the floor

to allow for duct work to be run up through the floor

Erin preparing for duct work to be re hung --

Plastic and sheet rock are required behind the duct work

This duct work will be re hung once Erin is done
Another area where Erin's flooring plan allowed for duct work below

View of front entrance - a wall will go on the left side,

making the entrance like a wide hallway

A close up view of the before/after -

showing what Erin is doing today

Braeden Gatchell curious about what a machine does!
View of entrance/behind the counter area

View looking back to rear entrance

and counter area

Erin uses his level A LOT! :)

Erin is clearly not afraid of heights . . . former skydiver . . .

the floor is open in spots to the basement below!

Soon this space will be beautiful

and a nice place to hang out!


UPDATED 4-26-10    


We are making Mom & Pop's a beautiful and fun place for YOU. Please help us keep the area clean and litter free. This is simply disrespect. If this is your cup, come get it. Use a trash can. You've carelessly placed your cup in our fence post.

LEFT -- To the person(s) who threw the beer bottle(s) into our trash enclosure, feel free to bring a broom and sweep up your mess. Do you realize that we have to pay for the improvements done to this property? This is certainly no way to show your thanks! Be responsible and throw your trash in a garbage. NOTE: IT IS ILLEGAL TO TAKE ALCOHOL FROM WHERE IT WAS PURCHASED. BAR OWNERS: WHEN CAMERAS PICK UP IMAGES SHOWING YOUR PATRON WITH ALCOHOL FROM YOUR ESTABLISHMENT, PLEASE CONSIDER POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES FOR YOU.

RIGHT -- Our trash enclosure is NOT a restroom! To the young man who attempted to urinate in there the other night . . . would you rather be caught on camera OR by the police? Think again before you disrespect our property with your unthoughtful behavior.


Now that we've covered the "scolding"

and exterior,

here's what's happening on the inside . . .

Erin filled in the sidewalk with concrete

The tree at Mom & Pop's is filling with leaves -

we're hoping to bring in a couple more trees in the near future!


After many weekends . . . the floor joists

will be done this weekend!

Yes, Erin does his own stunts! -- basement below! :)

With his level handy ~

the floor is still "on the money"!

  This is the guy to apologize to if you litter/damage/disrespect our property!  

Erin is delighted and relieved to report that as of 4-25-10,

the floor joists are in and done! Thanks, Erin! :)

UPDATED 4-18-10    

Erin is busy putting in the floor joists. He's glad to finally be at that stage! Never before has Mom & Pop's been this solid and structurally sound. After the floor, Erin is planning on doing some interior framing work as well as the outside fence. Very soon, the heating/cooling people will be doing their work. Check back soon and as always, thank you for your support!

- Tammey :)

Braeden Gatchell says HI!
The last of the concrete support work is finished!
Braeden looks at all the work Erin (Dad) has been doing

Erin filled in all gaps in the stone foundation

with concrete

Sheldon, Braeden & Sophie Gatchell
Erin and Braeden
Erin with Sophie
Braeden can't wait to work at Mom & Pop's!
UPDATED 4-13-10    
Sheldon says HI!
Sheldon Gatchell
Sheldon and Dad (Erin)
Future steps area at front entrance
Concrete added for support
Sheldon trying out his place behind the counter!
View toward front entrance
Headers are done
Sheldon and Erin
Erin and Sheldon trying to scare mom on the high beams!
Sheldon helps dad take a measurement
Front entrance
Erin showing us what he accomplished that day
What ?!? ;)
Sheldon finds creative uses for a tape measure!
After mom's refusal to let Sheldon walk on the high beams, Sheldon measured the depth to prove his estimate was correct.

Just because Erin walks on the beams . . .

it's still a NO, Sheldon!

UPDATED 3-30-10    
Erin clearing out debris to concrete behind the header
Open header ready for concrete
New headers will go up in this area
View into little "room" in the basement

Erin saving large rock pieces

to use for wall reinforcement

Wall (foundation) under new header
Large rock pieces from the basement
Erin prepared the wall for more headers
This gives an idea of depth - Erin is 6 ft. tall
Erin says HI!
We brought dad breakfast
View toward front of building
Two story part of building
UPDATED 3-26-10    

With spring just around the corner, many have asked us if we're close to opening . . . although we won't be open this summer, I'll continue to take pictures and keep you updated.

We appreciate your support!

- Tammey



Feel free to send us an email with any questions, comments, or other! (see above)

This piece of wood is an old support beam!
Erin will continue along the wall with the headers/concrete
Sophie says HI!
View of front entrance and behind counter area
Headers and concrete reinforcement
Looking down into old "room" that was in basement - the walls/ceiling have come down for safety
Erin and Sophie

At times, Erin must "build up" the wall with original stone

and concrete mixed by hand

The new floor joists will have strong headers to attach to

The little "room" that was in the basement
View toward rear entrance/restroom area
Erin is making new headers along the wall
UPDATED 3-6-10    
Erin filling in with concrete to allow for floor joist attachment
Erin has to leave openings designed for heating/cooling
View from behind counter area/back storage space
More bags of concrete ready for Erin to mix!
UPDATED 2-21-10    

Erin has been working on the floor in the two-story part of Mom & Pop's on weekends. Things are coming along nicely! It's a slow process because he keeps busy with Gatchell Imaging Products during the week. Once the floor is done, we feel things will move along at a faster pace. As always, thank you for checking in and viewing our progress!

- Tammey :)

Erin has had to mix concrete to reinforce certain areas prior to adding more floor joists. We want this 1800's building to be as strong as possible!
New floor joists meet up with the support beam. The open square is for the trap door, allowing access to the basement. The trap door has been relocated and will tuck nicely behind the counter.
View of new trap door location
Putting in this new floor has been a lot of work for Erin! If you drive by and see his little white Gatchell Imaging Products car, he's there working! After the floor is done, we'll turn the Mom & Pop's project back over to professionals. We will be doing landscape work as a family in the spring.
Erin knocked down the walls/ceiling of an old "room" that was in the basement. We'll be using the basement for mechanical purposes only. This room was unstable and unsafe as it was.
UPDATED 2-3-10
Floor joists have been started in the two-story part
UPDATED 1-9-10    

We did have a minor roof leak due to a small puncture in the rubber membrane on the single story roof. That was taken care of immediately and all is back on track.

Things are coming along nicely . . . we're hoping to have a fall/winter opening date, maybe September 2010?!

Thanks for checking in!

- Tammey :)

A support beam has been started in the 2 story section
Erin uses a string level to ensure a level beam
Support beam meets up with the new floor
Erin working on the first support beam in the 2 story part of building
View below floor level at Mom & Pop's!
What remains of old floor joists
View from behind counter area
Looking toward rear entrance doorway

There was an old room in the basement -

the roof will be taken down for safety

Erin levels the new support beam - he insists on perfection! :)
Looking down into the old basement space
UPDATED 1-2-10
Erin hauls out any old remaining floor
Trash enclosure got a metal cap - painting in spring
Erin is doing the demolition and floor work himself!
Old method of joining two support beams together!
Basement is all open
All joists are removed and hauled out
Ladder is near future front entrance
Floor joists in the two story section of building
The last of the demolition!
View facing front of building
UPDATED 12-2-09
UPDATED 11-30-09

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry it has taken so long to get updated photos on the site, many of these were just taken yesterday! Many have asked if we're close to opening . . . from these pictures, you'll see the answer is no. We're still aiming for next fall or winter. Construction is going well and as scheduled. Thank you for visiting our website and following our progress - slow but sure! Take care!

- Tammey

View down into basement area
During construction of the new floor, Erin has used as much of the old, original materials as possible (for support structures)
For those who don't already know, the metal posts are for a fence - the taller inside ones will support a wood pergola . . . more trees and landscape to come!
The floor is coming along nicely!
Erin shows our friend and family, Bob Neumann, the floor as Sophie tests it out. Sophie calls it the dance floor!
Mom & Pop's is very insulated!
Spray foam insulation was put along the foundation and new joists
Erin ponders how to make things "jive"!
Sophie took this picture! :)

Erin likes when Tammey and Sophie bring him lunch!

New flooring meets up with the rear entrance door
Sophie says HI!

Erin has had to find creative ways to combine the new with the old. He won't admit it, but he's a perfectionist when it comes to construction. Let's just say he's a fan of his level! "Right on the money" is a term used by Erin!

New joists and plywood
Erin has worked VERY hard on this new floor! Other than the initial demolition, Erin has not worked on the construction of Mom & Pop's until now. The new floor has been Erin's latest project.Erin finds time on weekends to construct the new floor. During the week, Erin is busy with Gatchell Imaging Products

This is where the new floor stops and the old floor starts -- The remaining old floor will be redone next!

What's left of the basement access
View down into basement in 2 story part of building
Erin and Sophie Gatchell
Facing rear entrance
Plywood flooring over new joists - view toward rear entrance
View from rear entrance area - this will be restrooms/back room/service door -- Plywood flooring is being put down
New floor joists where the back room and restrooms will be
Erin has taken it down to the bare ground to ensure a sound, stable floor that will last for years to come! No old creaky floor at Mom & Pop's!

Erin is the "Pop's" part of Mom & Pop's!

This new floor is by the rear entrance

Erin Gatchell constructing the floor joists - Erin had to dig down, hand mixing concrete for footings!
Support beams
UPDATED 9/28/09    
Metal posts have been concreted in for fence construction
The fence will be 6 foot black metal, surrounded by beautiful landscape!
Brick columns are planned for the gate entrance (like front brick)
This is the interior floor - rough, but inside has begun!
View looking from rear entrance toward front of store
Erin Gatchell stands by a post that will be part of the pergola! Brick/wood will be added to the posts later on . . . the pergola will provide much needed shade!
UPDATED 9/11/09    
A tree has been moved in!
Sophie, Braeden & Sheldon Gatchell
Hello! Thank you for checking in! To update you, things have been taking place at Mom & Pop's! Currently, we are watering our new tree that was recently moved in - a beautiful maple! We are working on having a fence/gate put in. We are also looking into the construction of a pergola. Inside, framing for the restrooms will begin soon. After a food show in October, more interior activity will take place! We are still aiming for next fall/winter for our grand opening . . . as always, keep watching for more progress and updates! The garbage/recycling enclosure will be painted and finished soon. On the building, awnings, lighting, and signage is to come. Our plan is to have benches and tables for your enjoyment.Smoking outside Mom & Pop's will NOT be permitted! - Tammey
The light post has been painted
Looking toward the rear entrance
UPDATED 8/8/09    
The back lot has been cleaned up and leveled
Owner/Employee Parking will be next to the garbage/recycling enclosure
The old foundation has been made to look much better!
View of the new tree and bench - Riverfront Drive looks great!
View of the back lot from the rear entrance - A fence, trees and landscape as well as tables/benches will be coming . . . we're creating a smoke-free outdoor space!
UPDATED 7/25/09    
Concrete was poured ~ looks great!
Gate location
Curb cuts being taken out, sidewalk replaced
Garbage enclosure being constructed
Sidewalk from service door meets up with rear entrance
A fence and landscape including a tree will be coming!
UPDATED 7/22/09    



Thanks for checking in!


Concrete work is being done!

Service door meets up with the rear entrance door

The service door has been painted black
Rear entrance sidewalk meets up with side sidewalk here
Construction means progress!
The back lot at Mom & Pop's
Garbage/recycling enclosure location - back of lot/alley access
Curb cuts are being eliminated making more on-street parking
Footings for garbage/recycling enclosure
Footings for garbage/recycling enclosure
Sidewalk work being done - There will NOT be parking on the lot
Location for garbage/recycling enclosure
Forms are ready for concrete sidewalk
Sidewalk will go from rear entrance out to the side sidewalk
The outdoor space will be gated - rear entrance access here
UPDATED 7/4/09





Thank You

to all service men and women who have served

and are currently serving our country . . .

You are appreciated!



Mom & Pop's is painted!

(Taupe and red)

To our paint crew: Thank you for such a job well done!

Black upper awnings and lights coming from the metal band will

complete the look - awnings will appear above each entrance too!

Cosmetic work will be done at bottom of building along the side
The black banding is complete
The service door will be painted black
View of rear door - a black awning will go above this entrance
Diamond Vogel parking lot side of Mom & Pop's
Cosmetic work will be done to blend the old and new!
The area under the windows will be completed soon
The City of Mankato added a pot, bench, planter as well as traffic barriers
The street light will be painted soon
Sophie tests out the bench put in by the City of Mankato
View from Diamond Vogel parking lot/alley
From Mom & Pop's, take Rock St. to Riverfront Park!
Riverfront Park Shelter
Entrance sign as you enter Riverfront Park
Metal art pieces that have been in Mankato for many years
Tot Lot
Outdoor amphitheater has been started

You can see Mom & Pop's from the park!

It'll be a short walk to Mom & Pop's!

Another angle of the Riverfront Park Shelter (tot lot is behind)




(The following 10 photos were taken
prior to the building being painted)

New curb cuts/sidewalks done by the City of Mankato
Building prepped for painting
Street lights will be painted soon
Lower part of building will be done soon
The service door will be painted black
Black metal banding being completed
UPDATED 5/20/09    

Projected Opening Date:

We are looking at summer/fall of 2010.

This is only an estimation, much will depend

on the interior design/construction.

Stay tuned as Phase 1 nears completion

and Phase 2 (interior) begins!

Hello everyone! Warm weather brings road construction! Riverfront Drive will surely be worth the wait and congestion! As you can see in the following 3 photographs, a nice, new sidewalk is being formed by the City of Mankato . . . and so far, no footprints! Thanks for checking in on our progress! On a hot day like today, I can just imagine the cool treats that will come from Mom & Pop's!
We are told that the lights will be painted and put back in place after the concrete work is complete
A peek at what's being done at Riverfront Park! (Rock St.)
UPDATED 5/5/09    

Happy Mother's Day!

Interior view looking from rear entrance to the front - restrooms will be off to the left

Looking upward, to rear of building -

possible big screen location

Doorway to restrooms/rear of building
Tables will line this wall of windows!
View coming in from the front entrance
Front entrance from main seating/counter area
Interior view of front, right corner

Looking toward the front of the building -

front entrance opening to left

Looking out front windows

The front brickwork is complete

with brick rows under each lower window

The metal has been put in place under each lower window - we may add an additional panel at a later date
Riverfront Drive construction is underway!

The new sidewalk we put in (with footprints)

has been removed for the city work

Our new sidewalk removal is going to be worth it

once the work on Riverfront has been completed!


Riverfront Drive construction will allow for

better parking and a more smooth traffic flow

Mom & Pop's (Diamond Vogel side)
Rear of building - service door and rear entrance
UPDATED 4/24/09    
An old photo of the original building

Mom & Pop's as of 4-23-09!

Keep watching . . . more to come!

An idea of what Mom & Pop's will look like
The front windows are in!

Decorative metal and a brick row will go

under each of the three windows

Arches similar to original
Metal banding
This metal banding will separate two paint colors
The previous side door is now a window

The City of Mankato will be doing much with

North Riverfront Drive -- work has already begun!

The back lot at Mom & Pop's will be going through some big changes . . . part of this lot will be a beautiful, smoke-free, outdoor sitting area for you to enjoy while at Mom & Pop's! More information will follow, as things develop.
UPDATED 4/13/09    
The black trim (banding) has been started
The brickwork is almost complete
Windows and metal will be installed soon
The old foundation will be worked on soon
This was a door, now made into a window
Former door made into a window opening
The black banding (trim) has been started
Wood trim for black banding
The foundation will be made to look nice
The foundation will blend with the new brick

Some of the old brick was removed to make room

for the new brick (lower front face)

Area where brick was removed
Riverfront Park construction has started on Rock Street
UPDATED 3/26/09    
Sheldon, Braeden & Sophie Gatchell

THANK YOU to all who picked up the street/back lot -

We appreciate you very much!

Front windows removed - bar moved down & even with north
side windows ~ new windows are on order
Black metal trim
This original window ledge will be used in the formation of the last north side window that was previously a door
Wood is covering where the last window will be created
Erin Gatchell
This is the sight that will welcome you inside!
A wall will block the entrance where Erin is standing
Beautiful sunlight even with some windows covered!
Tables will go along two walls, in front of the windows
Rear entrance/restroom space

The erosion control material has been repaired

and put back into place

UPDATED 3/11/09 The lower, front windows are in -- however, they will be removed and redone correctly. The windows are too short. The cross bar will come down, allowing for the correct height windows. The 3 spaces below the windows are for decorative metal. Currently, there is too much space given for the metalwork. The lower, north side windows will line up with the front, lower windows. After the window correction, the exterior should move along nicely. We're looking forward to more exterior improvements, such as front brickwork and the entire building being painted.  
Garbage from the north side of the building, street/our lot
We apologize for any unsightly garbage in the area
This garbage is NOT from our construction
We will communicate with surrounding establishments to avoid/eliminate this type of garbage
UPDATED 2/18/09



This WILL NOT remain a common sight
Please help us better the area and dispose of things properly
Upper rear windows
Previous door opening still to become a window
Our erosion control has moved during the winter - This will be put back in place to serve its purpose

Mom & Pop's is NOT a garbage/recycling drop site -

including the property AND street/parking

There will no longer be a door in the center
3 openings for window glass and metal below it
Lots of natural light!
Framing for the front windows/metal
Rear upper windows are in
Side windows are in - 1 more to go!
UPDATED 1/28/09    

The new roof is complete, and we love it! It really "tops off" the new look at Mom & Pop's! The exterior still has quite a ways to go, but it's coming along nicely! Work has slowed due to the cold weather, however, you'll see more happening as the temperatures allow. And, now with the roof done, more work can begin with the windows and front face of the building! In the spring, painting and other things will be done. At this time, we're looking into design options for the interior.After this Phase 1 of the exterior, the interior construction will begin.

I will continue to add more photos as progress takes place. Thank you & check back soon!

- Tammey

View from the front after roofing complete
A black strip was put under the roof line
View from the rear
View from the side
Progress is being made on the new roof
View from rear of building
The new roof is on!
An old door on its way to becoming a window
The new roof work has started!
View looking at front of building
Some new glass has arrived
UPDATED 12/22/08    
A new metal roof will be put on
View from rear of building (East)
Safety measures are in place for the new roof
Part of the sidewalk is closed for roof work
UPDATED 12/17/08    





The Gatchell Family!

This green "tube" is for erosion control
Roofing/safety equipment has arrived at Mom & Pop's!
Former front door area
Framing for front windows
Interior looking to front of building
Front framing from the inside
Former front door area, exterior
Framing for front windows!
Framing for the new, arched windows
The lower part will be filled in for the window
Old meets new framing
Glass will be installed soon
Framing has begun for the front, lower windows!
The middle will be a narrow, arched window
Close up of front removed
Local businesses across the street from Mom & Pop's
Interior view looking out open front
Framing of the inside - near entrance/counter
A view into part of the addition, all cleaned up!
Front getting ready for framing and windows!
SNOW inside Mom & Pop's!
From inside of building, looking out open front
You can see inside the building from the front
Lower windows are boarded up for now
North side of building
Front face removed for new windows!
There will not be a door there anymore, only windows
UPDATED 12/5/08    


Many people have asked when we're planning on opening, what is the projected completion date!?

The answer to that is . . . We do not have a projected opening date. Mom & Pop's will open when the exterior (Phase 1) and interior (Phase 2) are complete. At this point, the exterior is the work being done. Our next step is to have the interior designed. After the interior is planned out in detail, the work will begin. Because this is a very old building, estimated to be from the 1850's, there is no way to determine how long construction will take. We are in no hurry to open, instead, we're focusing on planning and quality. The end result will be worth the wait!

Progress is coming along nicely!
Mom & Pop's will have much natural light!
View of back from alley - new rear doors
You can see through the building on the upper level!
Framing ready for front windows!
View from inside, looking out rear door/windows
Framing upper level windows
Interior view - framing of upper level windows
Black frames ready for installation
Interior view - looking east, toward rear entrance
This door opening will become a window, like original
Interior framing
Door removed and window framing has begun!
Old windows are removed
Lower row of windows cut back in with new framing
Rear entrance door/windows installed
Upper north side windows removed
Rear of building - (This side will be painted)

12-4-08 HELLO!

I'll have more photos for you to view very soon! If you drive by,
you'll see that the windows are being framed in.

The new roof construction will begin any time now!

Today, someone asked me a great question! Are we going to keep much of the old building? The answer is yes, absolutely! We're keeping as much as possible, while improving the appearance and structure.
I describe it as blending the old with the new! The building had been altered over the years. We've only cleared the inside (which wasn't original) and are now adding to what was there. The progress has been exciting!
UPDATED 11/17/08    
Clean door opening for future rear entrance door
Opening for rear entrance and windows
View from Rock Street
This east side of building will be painted
Repairs are made to the brick on rear of building
North side of building
Rear entrance - New brick to be painted in this area
Service door, rear of building (new/old brick blended)
Openings for new, arched windows
The door will become a window too
Brickwork prior to new window installation
Rear view of building - new brick blended with old
North side of building showing new windows
Exterior view of window openings cut back in
Top of opening prior to getting through last layer of brick

The windows are being cut back in!

(See original photo below!)

The lower row of windows are being opened up!
A first glimpse of the new window opening!
Brickwork in the window opening
Mom & Pop's will look much like this!
Future entrance
New meets old on Diamond Vogel side of building
Prep for new roof
The new windows are in!
Exterior view of the old window openings
The entire back is covered due to weather
View of entrance from interior
Window installation in addition
Front entrance
Old upstairs apartment door bricked and closed up
Windows near rear entrance/restrooms removed
Interior right
Looking straight up at ceiling
Interior framing, looking toward rear of building
A work light is used for window installation
Framing - looking toward front of building
Looking forward, interior right side of upper window framing
Future entrance (wall will be where view is from)
Entrance door/window installation
Side door will be replaced with an arched window
UPDATED 11/5/08    
Flag of Mankato
Riverfront Park design
Mom & Pop's sits at the entrance to Riverfront Park
The Oleander is across the street (Rock St. side)
This is a photo of 629 N. Riverfront Dr. long ago!
This is an old interior photo
Entrance/counter area - looking into addition
The old stairway is visible on the wall
Thank you to Colway and ALL who make this possible!
Near rear door - future restroom/hall location
Original brick near back door
Repairs to original brick are being made
Back room
This was a window prior to addition
View from back room, near future restroom location
A steel beam near original brick
Looking out rear door from inside
Interior - back room
Interior framing - facing rear entrance, looking upward
Looking up 2 stories at the roof
Interior - view from inside looking into addition (entrance)
Looking into future counter area -- glass has arrived!
The address stone marker has been added
629 N. Riverfront Dr., Mankato
Future front entrance
Rear of building
Back lot
Original brick
Erin stopping in to admire brickwork
Brick work has begun on the addition!
An old window and original brick
New brick has arrived!
Interior framing - looking toward front of building
Inside right of building (facing front)
New brick
Roof area
Old sections of roof being removed
UPDATED 10/29/08    
Rear entrance
Rear of building - future service door
Prior to new roof
Future parking/outdoor seating and green space
Rear door
Exterior wall was removed - view into addition
View from inside - future front entrance opening
Original brick (thickness of wall)
Exterior wall being removed for future front entrance
Interior doorway widened (looking to front)
Original brick
View looking into new addition from inside
Support beams are installed (rear interior)
Back entrance
Support beam near old stairway/upstairs door opening
Support beams are added
Roof repair
Prior to new window installation
Old window/stairs
Interior looking to front
Old windows/original brick
UPDATED 10/27/08    
Future entrance/workspace addition
Addition interior
Window area will be open to inside
Rear of building
An old wall was removed (Diamond Vogel side)
Rear of building

Interior view of floor joists

and an old upstairs door

The addition can be seen

through an old window


View from Rock Street,

coming from Riverfront Park

Businesses near Mom & Pop's


Future front entrance footings

Footings for the stoop at rear entrance

Inside view of front windows

Exposed floor joists of stripped second floor
(You will be able to see straight up two stories!)

View from inside looking to rear of building



Concrete footings and block work for addition
Old stairway and basement access in floor
Floor joists from 2nd floor will be removed
View into back room

Windows will go back in this area --

you can see where windows once were

New sidewalk and stoop for front entrance
Concrete work for addition
New sidewalk and stoop for front entrance
Rear of building - service entrance stoop
Rear of building - future rear entrance
Rear door
New sidewalk
An old wall was removed (Diamond Vogel side)
Front of building, exterior - near original front door
Rear door
Future service door location
View from addition looking at future entrance